Chick in the egg


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Height: 9,5 cm / 3,7″


Cute candle with chick – it will add a joy to your Festive table.

We make our candles of pure beeswax. They are all are handmade. We do not add anything to the pure beeswax during the candle making process. They are completely magical with – joyful shapes, beautiful golden color and unique scent. The candles add warmth into evenings with family and friends, joyful times spent with children, and bring enrichment for a relaxing moments.

How to use: Candles are best placed onto a flat surface for burning – ex. plate or bowl, as this allows the dripping wax to pool for the candle to burn to the very end. Please always follow health and safety instructions for burning candles. Do not leave candles unattended, keep them out of the reach of children and pets and do not burn them on or near anything that may catch fire. Remove all the packaging and decorations before burning.

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