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Inspired and supported by my Family and dear Friends I brought this project to life in 2016. It has grown out of my desire to show uniqueness of Slavic culture and to enrich the lives of people who expresses through the creation of beautiful Artisan pieces. Each piece is made by People who enjoy and value the power of their skills and talents. It is this beauty and talent that I am determined to carry on delivering, to offer it to those who value it, who wish to immerse themselves in it and be surrounded by it.
For me especially this land of Podlasie is truly magical. I invite you to experience this magic with me, to stand on it barefoot and to draw from it’s infinite Source of power.
This project combines these Artisans – those who create beautiful, unique objects often using wonderful natural materials with those want to own a one of a kind, handmade piece. From their environment with love and value to you.
Art flows from nature into the individual’s ability to create, until their work sees the light of day and is admired and enjoyed by the person into whose hands it is delivered…

Jola Bielawska, Director