Christmas candles


We buy beeswax from beekeepers living on the edge of the National Geographic Park (Bialowieski), in the East of Poland.
We do not add anything to the pure beeswax during the candle making process.
They are completely magical with – joyful shapes, beautiful golden colour and unique scent. The candles add warmth into evenings with family and friends, joyful times spent with children, and bring enrichment for a relaxing moments.
With the shapes we have created for you, there are perfect Birthday gifts, house warming presents, candles for every festive occasion; with cute animal shaped candles for goody bags and much more..
Beeswax candles have the amazing and ability to cleanse your environment, neutralize and burn ions dust and pollutants.
According to Slavic tradition they have the ability to reduce asthma, allergies and hay fewer.